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Oklahoma Golf Courses Are OK for Everyone
Oklahoma is OK for golf and that's proven time and time again throughout the Sooner State. For instance, in the Tulsa area, Forest Ridge in Borkjen Arrow is impeccably maintained and consistently challenging. Summer time greens fees peak at $80, but off-peak fees are even more reasonable. If you find yourself near the Oklahoma campus in Norman, try your putt at the Jimmie Austin OU Golf Course. best yet, Mondays - Thursdays, the course allows the golf course rarity of Fivesomes. Greens fees peak at $40 and the weekday twilight rates mean you and four buddies can swing the sticks for under $100 total! Try that in North Carolina! IN the summer months, golf can be exceedingly hot on Oklahoma golf courses.

Hydrate yourself well before you play and consider playing nine holes at a time, perhaps breaking for lunch. Heat can sap your energy and focus so it’s important to keep yourself cool. Wear a hat with a brim, drink lots of water as you play and keep a cool, damp towel around your neck. Additionally, you should try to schedule your Oklahoma tee time (on the phone or on-line) for early morning so you can play during the coolest time of the day.

Golf Courses in Oklahoma

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