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Leave the Leaves on New Hampshire Golf Courses
The great thing about mountain states like New Hampshire is that when they decide to build golf courses, they have topography that creates amazing layouts. The Nippo Lake Golf Club in Barrington, NH offers valleys, peaks and even a boulder or two and is affordable golf just a short drive, due-north from Boston. In Jaffrey, New Hampshire the impressive Shattuck Golf Club rests at the foot of Mt. Monadock - an impressive piece of rock in its own right. Rates are under $50 and fall ball in New England runs through Thanksgiving more often than not.

The beautiful foliage of New England can be a problem on the New Hampshire golf courses. When the leaves fall, golfers may find their balls resting in large piles. Remember that the ball cannot move; however, many courses move to “winter rules” under such conditions. When scheduling a New Hampshire tee time in the fall, inquire about whether or not winter rules are in effect.

Under winter rules, the ball may be marked, lifted, cleaned and placed within six inches of its original location. Mark your ball and move the leaves away so you have a good swing. You may not improve your lie by fluffing up grass underneath, but once the leaves are gone you should be able to find a decent lie for your ball.

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