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North Carolina Golf Courses Highlighted by Pinehurst
North Carolina basically has Pinehurst and everything that isn't Pinehurst - but that's true for 90 percent of the country's courses. The fees for Pinehurst will stagger some, but it's money well-spent for the dedicated golfer who needs another "experience" for his mantle. Pinehurst is just that: an experience. And while many of us may not get to Pinehurst, all of us can at least get into Duke. Or, more precisely into the Blue Devils' golf course, the Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club which is "nestled into a 300-acre site."

With reasonable rates and off-season packages, you can nestle a few balls near famed Cameron Indoor for short money. Keep in mind that many esteemed North Carolina golf courses are more than 50 years old. In that time, plenty of trees can grow - and have! When scheduling a North Carolina tee time on a narrow course with lots of trees, focus on a smooth and controlled swing. Over-swinging in an attempt to generate power can throw off your tempo and result in some nasty slices.

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