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Almost as important as gaining a tee time in Kentucky, is the matter of Wet and Dry counties in which you'll be playing your golf. Once those weighty matters are determined, it appears a good bet that you'll be headed for an area in the northern part of the state, perhaps somewhere like the 'tucked away" Hickory Stick Golf Club in California, KY, where day rates are under $40, seven days a week. And what better place then Kentucky - with all that aged wood and bourbon lying around - to gain some historical perspective (or increased feel), by reserving a Kentucky tee time and playing with a true persimmon wood for a change of pace. Louisville Golf still makes high-quality woods out of persimmon, but other companies have switched to metals for their clubs.

Persimmon woods will launch the ball lower than a comparable lofted metal wood, so you can get decent distance, but don’t spend too long adjusting if you plan to return to your metal clubs right away. Consider trying out your new clubs by setting up a Louisville tee time at the Quail Chase Golf Club or any of the other Kentucky golf courses in the area.

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