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Iowa Golf Tour Provides Best-Ball Fun
If you’re an average golfer and can score better than 95 on 18 holes, you can go on tour. The Iowa Golf Tour allows low and mid-level handicappers to take part in two-person, best-ball tournaments on Iowa golf courses where the top 30% of the field take home prizes. This gives average golfers a great deal of incentive to start reserving plenty of Iowa tee times to work on their game. And Iowa has plenty of courses (some 430-strong member clubs in the Iowa Golf Association) to choose from. In Iowa's capital city of Des Moines, the Waveland Golf Course is a public facility that will offer a good deal of challenges.

Cedar Rapids has four public courses that book online tee times or tee times over the phone and the Ellis and Gardner tracks provide all levels of players with chances for success. Be mindful, though, if you find yourself playing in a best-ball tournament, the strategy you employ is half the battle For example, determine the best putter in the pair and have that person decide the line of each putt. The other golfer should putt first, letting the better one see the line before taking a turn.

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