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Golf Hawaii, Sip Umbrella Drinks
Maybe you’re really into golf – so much so, that you want to get a job in the industry. Unfortunately, you’re not such a great player. Try spending 16 months at the Golf Academy of Hawaii, where for $20,000 you’ll get an associates degree with a focus on golf. Hawaii golf course fees as well as regularly scheduled tee times are included in the cost.

For the rest of us, Hawaii resorts boast some excellent golf in the most panoramic and sparkling settings imaginable. Beware, though. These are some serious golf courses and places like the Makaha Resort & Golf Club in Oahu or Maui's Wailea Golf Club are not for the feint of heart. Wailua Golf Course is a very pleasant municipal track and it's far from the only public course that can be had for under $40. There are also some ridiculously cheap 9-hole rates that allows you to save the dinero for important things. Like umbrella drinks and sunscreen.

Golf Courses in Hawaii