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Go Long With Mile High Golf in Colorado
From Steamboat Springs in the North to Durango in the South, get ready to hit it a mile, because in some parts of Colorado, the altitude means you’ll get more distance than you ever have before! Extra distance, however, can be a bad thing if you overshoot the greens. Aspen golf courses are just one example of where the increased elevation may cause you to overshoot.

The metro Denver area offers a bevy of public courses with reasonable rates and varying levels of difficulty. One important Colorado golfing note: Even if you consistently shoot the same yardage with your irons, you’ll want to take a bit of time on the Colorado driving range to test and see how many extra yards you’re getting before securing a Colorado tee time.

Start with your wedges and work up, hitting each iron in the bag at least a half-dozen times to get an accurate idea of yardages. Write those down and refer to them on a Colorado golf course, as it will be easy to slip into hitting those clubs you are comfortable with at lower elevations.

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