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GolfNow VIP FAQs

What is the GolfNow VIP program?

GolfNow VIP is the GolfNow membership program for golfers who make their tee time reservations using or GolfNow’s mobile app. Once a golfer signs up and purchases the annual membership fee, they become a GolfNow VIP member!

What are the benefits of the GolfNow VIP program?

Becoming a GolfNow VIP member has several benefits including:

  • Waived convenience fees on all bookings all year
  • Earn 25% more GolfNow Rewards points automatically on every round
  • Modify or cancel without the hassel with Worry-Free Tee Times™
  • Exclusive VIP golfer support and booking by phone 800-278-9702

Click HERE for information on additional VIP benefits.

Who can participate in the GolfNow VIP program?

The GolfNow VIP program is open to all golfers who have a GolfNow account and reside within the United States and Canada.

What is the GolfNow VIP membership fee?

The membership fee for GolfNow VIP is stated on From time to time, we may offer different membership terms, and the fees for such membership may vary. The VIP membership fee is non-refundable except as expressly set forth in these Terms.

How do I enroll in the GolfNow VIP program?

To enroll in the GolfNow VIP program, simply click HERE and follow the purchase instructions.

How do I pay for GolfNow VIP membership?

You must have a GolfNow Account in order to purchase a VIP Membership. Amazon accounts and guest accounts that may be used to access GolfNow’s platforms are not eligible for the Program. All VIP Membership prices are stated in U.S. Dollars.

How long does the GolfNow VIP membership last?

Your VIP Membership will remain in effect for one (1) year from the date of your VIP Membership purchase. Your membership will automatically renew for successive one (1) year, on the date you first purchased the membership. For example, if you purchase the membership on January 1, 2017, your membership and the benefits associated with it will be good until January 1, 2018. At that point, we will charge your card automatically for renewal towards membership for another year.

How do I renew my membership?

The GolfNow VIP program is an auto-renewal program. One year after you first purchased the membership, the credit card we have on file for you will be charged again for your annual membership in the program.

If all credit cards we have on file for you are declined for payment of your membership fee, you must provide us a new credit card promptly or your membership will be canceled. If you provide us with a new card and are successfully charged, your new membership period will be based on the date of the successful charge.

What if I do not want to auto-renew into the program?

GolfNow will send you a notice of renewal at least thirty (30) days prior to your automatic renewal date. If you do not want your VIP membership to automatically renew, you must call our VIP phone concierge service at (800) 278-9702 and request to be opted out of the auto-renewal within (30) days of receiving GolfNow’s notice of renewal.

How do I cancel my GolfNow VIP membership?

You may cancel your VIP membership any time within the first 30 days of purchase by calling our VIP phone concierge service at (800) 278-9702 and requesting a membership cancellation from one of our specialists; provided that you have not made an eligible GolfNow reservation or used any VIP benefits since your purchase date. If you cancel within 30 days of signing up for a VIP membership, and you have not made an eligible GolfNow reservation or used any VIP benefits since your purchase date, GolfNow will refund your membership fee in full.

What is the waived convenience fee benefit?

For VIP members, convenience fees will be waived on all tee times booked on and the GolfNow mobile app. Members must book all tee time reservations using the email address that purchased the GolfNow VIP membership in order to receive the convenience fees benefit at checkout. Other taxes may apply on the tee time reservation. The Waived Convenience Fees benefit will be applied at the time the qualified reservation is made.

How do I earn my 25% extra Rewards points?

GGolfNow VIP members will be automatically awarded 25% more GolfNow Rewards points for booking rounds of golf through or the GolfNow mobile app. Each player in each round booked will be worth 12.5 points, and each player in each Hot Deals rounds will be worth 25 points. Rewards points will accumulate toward $10 promo codes redeemable toward the purchase price of any Hot Deals tee time offered by GolfNow. A total of one hundred (100) rewards points accrued is equivalent to one (1) Ten Dollar ($10.00) promo code. Promo codes may be used each time for a discount on a Hot Deals tee time, or can be accrued and redeemed for the total value of a Hot Deals tee time, provided that the value of such promo codes meets or exceeds the assigned price for the tee time reserved. Promo codes expire one (1) year from the date earned, regardless of whether Your VIP Membership is still active at that time. The 25% extra Rewards points benefit will be applied to your GolfNow account after the play date of the qualified reservation. For more on GolfNow Rewards, click HERE.

What happens when I participate in a GolfNow Rewards promotion?

If a VIP member participates in a GolfNow Rewards promotion, the member will always be awarded the best Rewards points offer (VIP or promotional) available. If the promotional offer will award the same amount of GolfNow Rewards points as the VIP membership (i.e. 25% more points per round), the VIP member's dashboard will display the promotion name and the points value corresponding to that promotion. GolfNow VIP points cannot be multiplied or combined with Rewards points offered through promotions.

What is the Worry-Free Tee Times™ benefit?

GolfNow's Worry-Free Tee Times™, allow you to change, modify or cancel your reservation online prior to your scheduled tee time without penalty. If needed, you may cancel your tee time up to at least one (1) hour in advance of the scheduled tee time and you will receive a full refund of your greens fees. However, beginning March 14, 2017, when you cancel your scheduled tee time you will receive a GolfNow credit of your green fees. Your GolfNow credit will be automatically applied to your GolfNow VIP account, and can be found under your Account Payment Options. You may use your GolfNow credit on any Hot Deals tee time found on and the GolfNow mobile app. In order to use your GolfNow credit, you must be logged in to your GolfNow VIP account and click “apply” during the checkout process. GolfNow credits expire ninety (90) days from issue date.

Cancellation requests may be submitted online by visiting the upcoming reservations page or by calling your personal VIP membership line at 800-278-9702.

* Please note, Worry-Free Tee Times™ are a benefit that comes with only being an active VIP Member that is in good standing as determined by GolfNow in its sole discretion. Your must be logged in during the booking process to qualify for GolfNow’s Worry-Free Tee Times protection.

Can I modify my reservations made with a VIP membership?

All reservations made with a VIP membership may be modified and the price will be adjusted accordingly as needed. Should you need to modify a reservation, please call our VIP phone concierge service at 800-278-9702.

Who can I speak to about my GolfNow VIP membership?

All GolfNow VIP members will have an exclusive VIP phone number that they can call to talk to a VIP specialist. GolfNow VIP members may call this number to book tee times, learn more about their membership, cancel their membership, ask questions about benefits to the program, or any other inquiries related to the VIP program.

To speak directly with a specialist at our VIP phone concierge service, please call 800-278-9702.

Where can I use my GolfNow VIP membership to receive the benefits?

GolfNow VIP membership benefits are only available on and the GolfNow mobile app. When making a GolfNow reservation, you must be logged in to the GolfNow email account associated with the GolfNow VIP purchased membership in order to receive full VIP membership benefits. Please be sure to update your mobile app to the latest version in order to see the GolfNow VIP program and receive the benefits.

Can I combine my GolfNow VIP membership with other GolfNow accounts?

You may not combine or assign your VIP membership or any VIP benefits, including promotion codes for VIP memberships or benefits to other GolfNow accounts.

What are the Terms and Conditions of the program?

For a full list of terms and conditions of the GolfNow VIP program, please click HERE.

I joined GolfNow VIP in 2016, what happened to my benefits?

If you joined the GolfNow VIP program in 2016, you will continue to receive those benefits until your membership renewal date. At the time of your membership renewal date, you will be enrolled into the 2017 GolfNow VIP program and its benefits. For a full list of terms and conditions around the 2016 GolfNow VIP program, please visit HERE.

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